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10 Thoughtful Gift Combos

10 Thoughtful Gift Combos

Give your presents a personal touch!

10 Thoughtful Gift Combos for the Holidays


1. A Nice Wine + Bottle Case

A good Merlot in a reusable box will make an impression at the dinner table.

Perfect to re-use for all those little things laying around the house to keep your jewelry in one place this wooden case is a guaranteed WAUW factor! Find it in two different shades here.


2. Cute Mug + Favourite drink

We picked a seasonal vibe, perfect for watching movies under a blanket. 

You can totally mix it up and go for a mug with filter and a delicate loose tea. Or why not go for one of our "Bonjour" mugs and an invite to their favourite latte spot? Santa mug here, "Bonjour" mugs here.


3. Wallet + Gift card

What better surprise inside a new wallet, than to see that you can take it on its first shopping spree?

Slip a little gift card to your local bookstore for an adorable two-in-one.  See all wallets here.


4. Tote bag + Favourite dinner

There is always room in this bag, and always time to make dinner with friends!

Use this perfect canvas bag as a re-usable wrapping paper, or fill it with the ingredients to your favourite winter soup. Want something even more kitchen-themed? Why not wrap it in one of our incredible tea towels!


5. Toiletries bag + Self Care item

Perfect for the student who is going off to live on their own for the first time.

Give them a little treat to remind them to have some self care time. Also great for teens and anyone in your life who needs a soft touch. Find all our toiletries bags here. Want to go the extra mile? Add a cute matching pillow or lavender mist for ultimate cozy vibes.


6. Bath Salts + Babysitting vouchers

What better gift than some downtime and relaxation?

Gift the parents in your life a few babysitting vouchers and deliciously smelling bath salts. Let people know they can rely on you and to encourage them to take time for themselves or to reconnect. Not a fan of bath salts? Why not go for a wonderful balm or a body scrub!


7. Jewellery + Trinket dish

Perfect for those traveling light.

Pick the perfect brass ring, necklace or bracelet and pair it with a cute and personal trinket dish or give them an adorable mini-mirror for their beauty corner. 


8. Ornament + Little note

Pick an ornament that will make them smile.

Putting decorations on the Christmas tree is always a trip down memory lane. Add a little note to a symbolic ornament: a painter's palet to wish someone more creative time, a love ornament to declare your feelings, or maybe just an oyster to invite them to a seafood restaurant?


9. Aperitif board + Fancy Snacks

Grab them the good olives and freshly roasted nuts.

For your friend who loves to host, gift a beautiful rotating board! You will also enjoy it every time you come over for a snack and a glass of wine. 


10. Woolen Gloves + Handcream

For that person who is always cold.

Pick from our selection of knits made in Scotland and pair them with a handy 2 in 1 hand cream and hand sanitizer! Do they already have gloves? Why not spoil them with a 100% wool bodywarmer.


Still looking for ideas?

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